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Update (4/29/19)! HB710 with AP pathways to supervision of NPs and physician licensure has passed the Health and Mental Health Policy Committee 10-4 with 5 absent! Thank you to Rep. Lynn Morris (573-751-2565), my Rep. Dale Wright, and all supporters who called, emailed, and testified!

Update (4/26/19)! Just spoke with my representative who is a member of the Health and Mental Health Policy Committee. He thinks that the bill will pass the committee on Monday, 4/29/19, but may need to be amended to another House (or Senate) bill in order to pass the entire House (and Senate) due to the lateness of the legislative season. Please contact Representative Lynn Morris (573-751-2565), the bill sponsor, to show your support and encourage continued pursuit of passage.

News Flash (4/19/19)! HB710, which modifies provisions relating to Assistant Physicians (APs), will be heard at a Health and Mental Health Policy Hearing this Tuesday, 4/23/19 at 10:00 a.m. in House Hearing Room 1, 201 W. Capitol Ave., Jefferson City, MO 65101. This very important bill proposes:

  1. the ability of APs to enter into Collaborative Practice Agreements (CPAs) similar to being a Collaborative Physician (CP) with up to four APRNs and/or PAs after eighteen months;
  2. an alternative path to full physician licensure after five years of 'continuous, full-time, active collaborating practice' and passage of Step 3 in 'less than three attempts and within a three-year period after receiving his or her initial assistant physician license';
  3. 'One hundred hours of didactics during the five-year postgraduate training'; and,
  4. 'All continuing medical education requirements as required for assistant physicians under this chapter."

Furthermore, the AP then 'shall practice as a physician in Missouri for a minimum of two years' or the license will be revoked. In short, an AP will be like an indentured servant for seven years. How are we supposed to get five years of 'continuous' service when many of us can not get CPAs in the first place and sometimes must get new CPAs where there might be a gap? The argument seems to be that we should not try to ask for too much due to prevailing opposition 'concerns' about training and patient safety or we will not get anything. In fairness, the bill appears to be well-intentioned (and also does away with the initial one-month 'continuously present CP' requirement for subsequent CPAs after the first one), but appears to be written from the perspective of a CP and/or clinic owner.

The FOUNDATION to RECOGNIZE EDUCATE and EMPLOY DOCTORS OF MEDICINE (FREEDOM) was formed to advocate for doctors, not the interests of private entities. Your membership is meant to be as a vital cog in the decentralized machinery of a non-profit organization. Past attempts by this member (e.g., in New Hampshire) have been stymied due to the lack of physical presence. In effect, they swatted me like a fly. As they say, there is strength in numbers.

Many of you have contacted me for assistance in procuring a CPA. Unfortunately, I am not able to do this. The medical-industrial complex continues to be VERY resistant. In fact, the "Workforce" program referenced in the essay on the home page of freedomfordoctors.org works AGAINST us (and for NPs) and is intertwined with legislation. You would think that clinics and hospitals would prefer a doctor over an NP or PA, but patients are not factored in the equation.

The presence of SEVERAL of us at the meeting is imperative. Please feel free to pass this along to any APs via Twitter, message boards, or other means. The short notice on this is beyond my control as this hearing just seemed to appear on the committee website yesterday. PLEASE make every attempt to attend and make your view known. The time for sitting by as an idle spectator while someone else fights YOUR battles has passed. Thank you.

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